Axelrad Clinic Announces All Patients Eligible For Skype Zoom Consults

“Effective immediately: We are opening our telemedicine channels, usually reserved only for out-of-area national and international patients, to local Houston-area patients as well.”

– Chris Axelrad, Founder and Director of The Axelrad Clinic

In light of recent developments and our patients’ overwhelming desire to continue care with us, The Axelrad Clinic has made Virtual Visits (via secure video conference) available to ALL patients, not only those living outside Houston, TX.

Having done these Virtual Visits (also known as “telemedicine”) for over a decade to help over a hundred patients with hormonal and fertility issues (we’ve had over 40 patients from all over the world get pregnant using our Virtual Visit program), The Axelrad Clinic is pleased to be able to offer this option to our local patients as well during the widespread preventive measures going on across the world at this time.

Virtual Visits have been extremely productive for us and the patients who have taken advantage of them, as we can still provide all of the following crucial services:

  1. Direct, one-on-one communication with a licensed, board-certified clinician.
  2. Precise, easy-to-follow treatment plans that include very specific supplements, herbs, and nutritional recommendations designed to help you reach your health goals.
  3. Regular meetings for monitoring and assessing progress, adjusting treatment plans, and counseling on mind-body and lifestyle practices.
  4. Close email support in between visits (answers are usually sent within a few hours at most), in case any questions or concerns arise or just for encouragement and clarification.