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Here’s a testimonial that’s worked really well for us and does a good job explaining the story. (Of course, feel free to be as brief as you like.)

“I went to see Chris in the spring of 2008 for fertility related acupuncture. I was doing my second round of IVF and I really wanted to do everything I could to increase my odds. What I didn’t know at the time was that the acupuncture treatments were going to deliver such a HUGE sense of peace and comfort for me during that very stressful and sensitive time of in-vitro. I am not one who really likes needles, but after visiting with Chris I was immediately at ease. He very slowly and kindly introduced me to acupuncture. My fears immediately disappeared and I very quickly learned to look forward to my treatments. At the time of treatment I mentioned to Chris that I was not sleeping well. He taught me some breathing techniques that were helpful then and continue to be a great source of calming and relaxation in my life. The thing I enjoyed most about my experience with Chris was his ability to listen. When going through IVF you have so many emotions and in some instances see the actual fertility doctor so very little. I could always depend on Chris to listen to my questions and calm my anxieties. He was always very positive and knowledgeable as he took the time to listen, answer, and reason with my questions, concerns, and uncertainties. My all around experience at the Axelrad Clinic was one that was very pleasing and beneficial. My husband and I are still working on our family, and as I search for a new fertility doctor I am certain about one thing, I will be returning to the Axelrad Clinic as part of my fertility treatment! Chris played such a positive role in a difficult and stressful time. Thank you Chris you are AWESOME!”