As you may already know, as of March 24th, 2020 11:59pm thru at least April 3rd, 2020, we have been ordered by Harris County and City officials to stay at home EXCEPT for essential activities.

Here’s what you need to know in terms of how this affects you in regards to your process at The Axelrad Clinic:

According to the Dept of Homeland Security guidelines (which for now it appears Harris County is following), medical services such as those we provide are EXEMPT from this order. HOWEVER…

We respect everyone’s individual decision as to whether or not to come to the office.

For this reason, here’s what will happen, and here are your options:

1. If you feel that in-office treatment is ESSENTIAL for you at this time, we will keep any appointments you have on the schedule as they are now.

If this is you, then simply reply to the text message you received with the word “KEEP”. And, that’s it. Nothing else to do.

2. If we do not hear from you, we will automatically convert your scheduled appointment to a Virtual Visit.

What that means is you will meet with your clinician ONLINE via video chat OR on the phone, your choice. We’ll reach out to you the morning of your appointment to get your preference (phone or video).

The usual fee will be charged at the end of the visit, just like always.

If for some reason you need a reduced rate, we’re happy to discuss that – simply reply to your text letting us know. We’d rather you not miss out on your appointment than have you opt-out because of price. We understand!

3. If you do not want a Virtual Visit and you do not want to come into the office…

Then please respond to your text with the word “NEITHER” and we will be in contact to get you all taken care of.

Common Questions

Are you closing?

No we are not closing. We are shifting operations to a hybrid online / in-office model to accommodate the various needs of our patients. If necessary, we will temporarily go all online at some point.

What if I need refills on medicines / supplements?

We’re taking orders online and have waived all shipping costs + instituted at 10% storewide discount for you –

Please place your orders as soon as possible as there are likely to be some shipping delays. We will do our best to send your order direct from the office if we can, which should reduce this, but we can’t guarantee that.

Can I come to the office to pick up a refill?

Yes. But please text or call first to make sure we’re going to be there and to make sure we have your product on hand at that office.

How do I know if my visit is “essential” or not?

That’s entirely up to you, and we respect your choice in the matter. If for some reason we think you should stay home, we’ll let you know.

Any other questions?

Just text or email or call. We’ve got you.


Chris will be going live pretty much every day for some time, with tips on stress, anxiety, staying healthy, immune system boosting, and other topics of interest at this time. Make sure you join Axelrad Clinic Academy Facebook group so you’re always in the loop on that.

The most important thing… WE’RE HERE FOR YOU. So, if you need ANYTHING, let us know.


Chris Axelrad and the entire staff of The Axelrad Clinic

I’ll be doing virtual classes in there – calming meditations, immune boosting, and whatever you guys want me to cover. 🙂 FREE!!